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Your most reliable international properties agent


“PanEuro Investment and Immigration Ltd.” specializes in providing international real estate and immigration services, our market includes Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, our customers mainly come from Macau, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Malaysia.


We promise to carefully select each property for sale, provide high quality projects that is most suitable for our clients’ investment goals and budgets, as well clearly explain to our clients all the involved details, we make sure to give you peace of mind during the entire buying process.

我們的核心團隊是由富有國際經驗及環球視野的團隊而組成,而且還具有豐富的活動策劃及市場推廣經驗。此外,我們能操多國語言,包括粵語、國語、英語、馬來語、西班牙語及閩南話, 豐富多樣的文化背景是我們的絕對優勢。

Our core members are consisted of a team professionals with multiple expertise, global vision and international background. We can speak various languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Malay, Spanish and Hokkien, our diverse cultural background is our absolute advantage.

​澳門辦事處 Macau Office
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​吉隆坡辦事處 Kuala Lumpur Office
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日本辦事處 Japan Office
服務 Our Services


  • 提供顧問服務及配合客戶投資預算的海外物業;
    To provide consultancy services for buying overseas properties in line with the client’s budget;

  • 海外物業買賣流程、稅項等專業顧問;
    To provide consultancy services for purchasing and taxation advice;

  • 安排海外職員與客戶到現場視察物業、簽約等事宜;
    To arrange overseas staff to accompany clients to inspect properties and sign contracts on site;

  • 安排各項買賣合約、申請文件等數據;
    To arrange sales and purchase contracts, application documents and other related bureaucratic documents;

  • 售後的租務管理、收租、匯款、轉售物業等服務。
    After-sales services including rental management, leasing, remittance, and re-sell services.

  • 提供粵語、普通話、閩南話、英語、馬來語、西班牙語等多國語言服務。
    To provide services in Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay, English and Spanish.

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