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Cambodia's award-winning project "Capital Guojin Urban Village", the only community-based commercial and residential circle in Phnom Penh



  • Urban Village, the largest commercial and residential area in Southeast Asia, is an international award-winning project with galleries, restaurants, studios, artisanal breweries, performance venues, entertainment facilities, and the latest hot spots in Cambodia where artists and expats love to enter.

  • The founding team is from China, the UK, the US, Australia, Thailand and Singapore. The listed companies are from Hong Kong, with companies in China, Hong Kong, Europe and Cambodia.

  • Cambodia uses US dollars to collect and collect US dollars; banks are up to 5.25% on a regular basis for 2 years, earning rent and earning a deposit.

  • Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi can be paid in Hong Kong or domestically, and will be sold locally in the future.

  • There are 700,000 foreigners in Phnom Penh, but currently there are only 30,000 or 40,000 apartment units. The rental demand is strong and the rental return is as high as 8-10%.

  • Located just opposite the famous Japanese mall Aeon mall 3, expected to be near the light rail station, Phnom Penh South New Core

  • The lowest price in the same area, the appreciation potential is extremely high

  • The pre-developer project was sold out only for 2 months. The first phase of the project was sold out within 4 months, and the second phase was in hot sale.

  • Developers in Hong Kong special management company to help customers manage rentals and future sales



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